Be a Pioneer of Future Mobility!

The future of mobility requires rethinking everything from ownership to interfaces. Humanity is tasked with balancing increasingly complex transport needs, growing connectivity and data and climate change.
BeIntelli, is working towards shaping a new mobility ecosystem and is calling on students to come up with new ideas where innovative applications and services come together.
Are you up to the task? Choose one of the three categories to submit your ideas.

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Moving people

With coordinated and connected autonomous mobility (CCAM) new ways of moving people unlock. Can you think of more environmentally-friendly and convenient ways of transportation across transport modes?

  • ride-sharing/ ride-hailing

  • autonomous bus and tram

  • Vehicle on demand

  • Emergency vehicles

  • Tele-operation

  • rail, air, water and road transport

Connected services

By combining different data sources coming from sensors, radars and other intelligent systems real-time feedback of the status on the ground becomes a reality. Cycles, roads, pedestrians, vehicles and the weather provide valuable insights which combined, make space for unprecedented innovation. What new data-based business models can arise?

  • smart pedestrian crossing

  • smart cycling

  • insurance models

  • fuel planning

  • maintenance

Last-mile logistics

Moving goods to and within urban settings is a herculean task. Congestion, road closures, carbon emissions and other unexpected factors make last-mile logistics a perfect candidate for trying out new ways of doing things. Can you think of one?

  • Last-mile autonomous vehicles

  • Route optimization

  • Predictive demand planning

  • Drone delivery


Projects will be judged on their ability to produce a clear solution-concept and the innovativeness, feasibility and potential contribution to SDGs of their idea.

Mentoring the teams




How it works


Application window

June to August 2022
  • Choose one of the three categories
  • Submit your idea in 6-7 slides (see example)

Video pitch

Pre-selection of top 30 ideas

September 2022
  • Congratulations for making it to round two!
  • Submit a Business Model Canvas
  • You will be invited to pitch your idea and BMC virtually


Final pitch round of top 10

October 2022
  • Presentations of solutions to the Match
  • Keynote speaker
  • Award ceremony
  • Networking


How do I know if I’m eligible?

  • If you are applying as an individual or within a team, all members must be currently enrolled or must have been recently enrolled (not longer than a year ago) full-time at a university academic program in Europe either in an undergraduate or graduate level at the time the work for the submission was developed
  • There is not a limit to the number of team members that may participate on a project. Typical team size is 2-6 members. Although we highly recommend submissions by teams, submissions by individuals are allowed.

What’s in it for students?

  • Cash prize for the top 3 winning teams: 10.000 € first place, 7.000 € second place, €5.000 third place
  • Mentoring from top leaders in the automotive industry to continue developing the idea
  • Workspace at ZEKI in Berlin for 18 months
  • Networking opportunities

Are there conditions of use for the cash?

  • The money must be exclusively used in further developing the idea and must be spent within 18 months after the winners announcement. If the money is not used within this time window, BeIntelli reserves the right to re-invest the cash in its own activities

How long should a submission be?

  • For round one, 6-7 slides should suffice. The slides should give the selection panel enough information to judge your idea. You can find an example here
  • For round 2 you need to provide a Business Model Canvas, typically in one page
  • For round 3, your pitch should be 10 minutes. A specific slide number is not required.

What is the preferred format of the proposals?

  • A slide set in a common digital format, such as, DOC, DOCX, PDF, PPT, PPTX, KEY, ODT, MP3, MPEG, MOV, MP4, in English

If I am selected for the final pitch but don’t live in Berlin, are there alternatives?

  • Travel costs will be covered for those students who need to commute to the final pitch ceremony. Maximum one member per team should travel for the pitch

If I am selected for the final pitch but don’t live in Berlin, are there alternatives?

  • Travel costs will be covered for those students who need to commute to the final pitch ceremony. Maximum one member per team should travel for the pitch

How will my submission be judged?

  • Finalists will be selected utilizing a rubric with a series of categories. You can view the full rubric here.
  • Is there a real problem?
  • Can you demonstrate a clear solution that addresses the problem? Is it scalable? Would there be users for your solution?
  • Is the solution different enough from what already exists? Does it have a competitive advantage?
  • Is it financially viable? Can it be developed?
  • Does it help achieve one or more SDGs?

Who are the judges?

  • BeIntelli’s AI Mobility Match is an open student competition, and it will not claim ownership of any intellectual property (e.g. copyrights, trademarks, patents) from submissions. However, as consideration for entry into the competition, students grant BeIntelli the right to copy, reproduce and use submitted materials, photos and videos of the competition for the exclusive purpose of promoting the competition.

Will BeIntelli want ownership of my ideas?

  • During the preliminary rounds, the judging panel will be a committee made up of members from academia. For the final round judging, an expert committee including members of the government, industry and academia will be set.


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